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Sara Đukanović

Sara Đukanović is a true creative visionary with exceptional skills in photography, writing, design, video editing, and social media. Her captivating storytelling and meaningful engagement in the digital space showcase her unwavering dedication. Pursuing a Digital Production degree at EDUCONS University, she stays at the forefront of industry trends. As an active EESTEC member and PR team coordinator, she excels in communication and event coordination. Sara’s versatility in freelancing and her role as an Account Manager at Eighth Avenue Advisors make her a remarkable talent.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Sara’s infectious passion for creativity extends to various philanthropic initiatives. She actively volunteers her time and talents to empower underprivileged youth by organizing workshops that nurture their artistic expression. Her altruistic spirit and ability to use creativity as a tool for positive change inspires others to embrace their own creative potential. As she continues to embark on her journey of boundless creativity, Sara remains a driving force in shaping a world where storytelling and digital prowess intertwine to create meaningful connections and lasting impressions.