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Kathleen Fariss

Kathleen Fariss is the Co-Founder and CEO of Fariss Coaching & Consulting (FC&C). As a certified coach and experienced strategist, Kathleen helps individuals and organizations transform and achieve their full potential. Her goal is to empower leaders to find their unique voices, speak their truths, and flourish even in the most uncertain times.

Kathleen’s expertise in coaching and leadership development enables her to design custom solutions that address specific organizational needs. She understands that every organization is unique and requires personalized support to achieve their desired outcomes. Kathleen’s services include organizational management, empowerment of teams, and business strategy, among others.

Her clients consistently praise her personable, approachable, and results-oriented coaching style. Her passion for helping individuals and organizations thrive is evident in everything she does. Whether you’re a leader looking to develop your skills, or an organization in need of customized support, Kathleen has the knowledge and experience to guide you towards success.