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Ish Ramos

Ish Ramos is a seasoned entrepreneur and strategy coach. He has vast experience in starting, building, growing, and coaching businesses for over 20-years. His experience also includes team building, operations, sales, customer service, management, goal and target setting, internal and external marketing, process improvement, and strategic planning.  
Having his early start as an entrepreneur, he created multiple businesses from the ground up surpassing the decade mark of operations with excellent profitability.
He now devotes his time to coaching many other entrepreneurs, small business owners and teams on the growth stages, effective operation and flow, building company culture, brand identity and promises, as well as strategic frameworks and execution.
After creating multiple businesses in Seattle, he later moved to Southern California with his lovely wife and 3 beautiful children where they enjoy family time together at home, the beach, and on the volleyball court.  He believes that what sets him apart from other coaches is ”he has achieved something early in his career that most business owners never achieve, in that he built his businesses to where they were able to operate without his daily involvement.  Also known as TurnKey.”
In order to do that, he had developed the company strategy, implemented the systems and processes the company needed to succeed, he aligned the team in leadership and communication, set the right targets with the right action steps and accountability, and created a learning environment necessary for the business to grow. 
Through his own successes, he is now motivated to help others who also want to achieve their goal in creating a profitable business that has the ability to become TurnKey.